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ESHO CULTSKIN® is a 12 month subscription service which entitles the patient to one advanced skin treatment every month for a year!

CULTSKIN® is a personalised 12 month subscription service entitling patients to one treatment every month at the ESHO Clinic.

Before signing up, patients are required to have a CULTSKIN® consultation. This allows an ESHO Clinic skin specialist to discuss any specific skin concerns and medical conditions whilst answering any questions the patient may have.

In this consultation, a specialist will also digitally scan the patient’s skin using a state-of-the-art skin scanner. This device analyses the patient’s skin and highlights any problem areas which may need improvement. A tailor made 12 month treatment plan is then created to target these areas as well as any other skin concerns the patient has and would like to treat.

Each CULTSKIN® member will be entitled to a skin scan every three months to review progress and to ensure that the personalised treatment plan is as effective as it can be.

Following the consultation, patients can choose whether they would like to sign up in clinic and get started on the journey to better skin straight away!

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