CULTSKIN® Lab - 12 month subscription service.

CULTSKIN® Lab is the first of its kind ever to be offered within clinics in the UK. Designed with the patient and their skin in mind, having a monthly skin treatment has never been easier!

CULTSKIN® Lab is a 12 month subscription service which entitles the patient to one advanced skin treatment every month for a year! Dr Esho and the team at CULTSKIN® developed this innovative subscription service to encourage patients to not only focus on improving themselves through injectable treatments, but to focus on their skin too!

The team at CULTSKIN® believe it is vital for patients to invest time in their skin as it can make a remarkable impact on every patient’s journey to the best version of themselves. Each CULTSKIN® Lab treatment plan is carefully tailor made to suit the member’s individual needs to guarantee that every member receives the best possible results. CULTSKIN® offers an extensive range of advanced treatments on the subscription to ensure that there is a solution for each and every member’s skin concerns.

Upon signing up, the patient will set up a direct debit consisting of 12 monthly payments of £290 – which means booking your monthly facials has never been easier!

Alongside monthly skin treatments, patients who join the CULTSKIN® Lab subscription also receive an exclusive 10% off skin care products and injectable treatments at the CULTSKIN® Clinics. CULTSKIN® Lab Subscription members can also treat one friend or family member to a treatment of their choice from the CULTSKIN® Lab menu.

In addition to the CULTSKIN® Lab we also have some new exciting subscriptions! –

We are now offering our patients the chance to join our CULTSKIN® Lab Maintenance subscription if you have recently been part of the CULTSKIN® Lab subscription, we then have a new exciting subscription called the CULTSKIN® Duo Lab AND for all you Hydrafacial lovers, we now have the CULTSKIN® x Hydrafacial Subscription. 

So how do I get started?

All patients on the any of the subscriptions are required to have a consultation so that the patients needs and concerns can be discussed, but also to answer any questions. In the CULTSKIN® Lab consultation, the patient will have their skin digitally scanned using the pH Formula skin scanner which analyses the skin and highlights any problem areas which may need to be treated. At the consultation the patient will receive a tailor-made treatment plan to improve the overall quality of the skin in the most effective way. At each treatment appointment the patient will be assessed and if there are any other concerns that month then these may be addressed accordingly.

As a CULTSKIN® Lab member, patients will also be entitled to a skin scan every three months to review their progress and allow the practitioner to continue ensuring that the treatment plan is as effective as it can be.

Please see below for some of the treatments included in the CULTSKIN® Lab subscription:

To name but a few!

For the CULTSKIN® Lab Menu, including detail on each listed treatment available and more information on any of the CULTSKIN® Clinic subscriptions, please contact the team on or 0203 970 4693.