Midas by Esho



The MIDAS used and created for world renowned celebrity cosmetic doctor Dr Esho. This revolutionary tool has been used by Dr Esho to help sculpt and position lips whilst making some of his famous lip augmentations. The sculpting MIDAS T bar has a vibrating function which reduces sharp pain from needle injections by the action of vibration, pressure and cooling from the T bar.

This is based on the gate way theory of pain. By occupying those pain pathway gates with other sensations (like vibrations, pressure and heat), the feeling of injections are able to slip by our neurological pathways ie minimising pain.

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Revolutionary tool design for and used by renowned cosmetic doctor Dr Esho. Aids lip and facial sculpting with dermal fillers whilst minimising pain of injections by vibration, pressure and cooling functions combined. Suitable for use on alternative needle procedures where pain and tissue control are key.