Ipixel Laser by Alma Lasers


The ESHO Skin Lab is a 12 month subscription service which entitles the patient to one advanced skin treatment every month for a year!

The Ipixel laser is a highly effective fractional ablative skin resurfacing treatment using Erbium YAG laser at a 2940mm wavelength. The Ipixel laser treatment improves overall tone, elasticity and texture. It all increases moisture content and reduces superficial pigmentation and pore size.

Unlike typical ablative laser resurfacing treatments which remove the entire top layer of the skin, the Ipixel laser employs a fractional delivery method which creates pixel sized perforations within the skin. Therefore, the surrounding tissue is left intact and the skin heals much faster than it would with other lasers of the same kind.

The Ipixel laser can be used for the following:

Skin resurfacing

Fine lines and wrinkles


Patients typically need 2-4 treatments 3-4 weeks between each treatment.

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Ipixel Laser FAQs