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London, 2022: Dr Tijion Esho MD, the cosmetic expert dubbed “The Lip Doctor” who features frequently on ITV’s This Morning, BBC and Netflix’s Bodyfixers, is behind the award winning lip range ESHO, the world’s first cosmeceutical lip care range. Dr Esho’s eponymous brand offers dedicated, clinical cosmeceutical products and advanced targeted treatments for those who want the best from their skincare. Renowned for his expertise in aesthetic medicine and an industry leader in the art of non-surgical procedures, Esho has taken his pioneering new techniques and methods in lip augmentation to another level – creating a collection of four hero lip products. Bringing his years of experience and innovative clinic results direct to patients at home, the products offer everything from lip sculpting to hydration and healing, and the range has been nominated for and won over 7 awards since 2021, including the Marie Claire Skin Awards and Woman and Home Awards.

Launched in May 2021 originally with QVC, the ESHO product range repeatedly sold out, becoming the channel’s fastest ever selling lip product with one ESHO product sold every 30 seconds. The brand went on to have a further sell out moment with beauty e-tailer FeelUnique, leading to a Year 1 valuation in excess of £3 million*. In 2022, leading e-commerce platforms including ASOS and LOOKFANTASTIC are throwing their weight behind ESHO and will be launching the range in coming months. ESHO has also announced a collaboration with BIRCHBOX, the beauty box subscription service with 4 million subscribers worldwide, to increase awareness of the brand via exclusive sampling. With two new products on the way in 2022, the range is expanding to cover all aspects of not only the lips, but the face and body too, as a face doctor range, body doctor range and home doctor device range are all in the works. Dr Esho is focused on delivering targeted in-clinic results straight into patients homes through topical alternatives, and without the price tag you find when needles are involved.

Dr. Esho has a cult social media following and clients that range from celebrities to royalty, owns 4 clinics across the globe and has a waiting list to match. Famed for his Nano Droplet technique and Cupid’s Bow Lift, he is at the forefront of nonsurgical corrective work. This passion for lips was what inspired the newly designed and formulated product collection – which is also the first ever social media developed lip formula, developed within the “The Lab” – a community of trusted Esho followers, from journalists and influencers to experts and patients. 

Esho’s line is the solution to anyone who can’t access injectables – an affordable alternative, offering dermal lip fillers in a tube. The range is on track to become the fastest growing doctor lead cosmeceutical brand in the UK and is completely vegan and cruelty free. The product range itself is made up of COAT, the ultimate treatment for dry cracked lips; PAUSE, an anti-ageing lip serum that boosts lips by preventing HA breakdown; SCULPT, a plumping lip serum and DRENCH, an immediate, non-oily hydrator. Esho’s line is perfect for anyone who wants to give their lips a deserved dose of self love.

Dr Esho MD, founder of ESHO, says:“Creating my own product line has always been a dream of mine, and now launching independently, I’ve used my medical expertise to work on new formulas. It’s been an exciting journey and I can’t wait for everyone to discover my products. We launched the brand in 2021 with minimal marketing spend and the success we’ve achieved to date is testament to the efficacy of the product range. In 2022, we’re delighted to be partnering with some incredible platforms and brands to continue our growth and make for an incredibly exciting 2022.”

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Products currently available are:

COAT £21.99 

COAT is the ultimate treatment for dry cracked lips and provides immediate relief and protection. Its smooth, butter- like texture repairs and soothes instantly, with long- lasting protection derived from sustainably sourced concentrated plant extracts – Squalane, formulated from sugarcane and delicious Golden Jojoba Oil infuses skin for fast hydration with long term effects. COAT can also be used on dry patches of skin for instant relief or in thick layers as an overnight lip mask.

PAUSE £19.99

PAUSE time and aim keep your lips looking full and youthful for longer with this lip formula. An anti-ageing peptide-based, bio-active formula that aims to maintain the appearance of youthful lips, ideal for helping mature lips to appear plump and hydrated, to help maintain youthful lips or to help those with lip filler to maintain the look of results post-treatment all be aiming to slow the process of how we breakdown and lose HA (hyaluronic acid). “Pause is the perfect way to support your lips by reducing hyaluronic acid breakdown and boosting hydration, this optimises the results post procedure and acts as the perfect product for those with fillers”.

SCULPT £21.99 

The Sculpt lip serum is described as a ‘no needle solution’ that enhances lip shape while gentling plumping and increasing volume both short and long term. Formulated to enhance lip shape without taking any chances of long- term scarring which is sometimes an effect of lip augmentation, SCULPT provides a gentle tingling sensation which plumps and defines lip curvature, increasing lip volume whilst leaving your lips feeling hydrated, soft and sculpted. “It’s me in a tube! I spent over a decade transforming lips with a needle so to now be able to do this in the short term and long term without a needle is amazing“.

DRENCH £19.99

Drench is unlike traditional lip hydration products that use mainly oils and waxes to coat the surface of the lips for an instant masking of dehydration. This uses water reservoirs to offer lasting hydration to the lips. The lightweight formula acts as an immediate, non-oily hydrator that helps maintain comfortable water content with continued use. For use before applying make up acting as a moisturiser, locking primer for 24hr hydration. “I love this product as your instant go to, easily absorbed moisture for your lips, perfect on its own or as primer before lipstick it’s so versatile.” 


Dr Esho MD is resident skin doctor on BBC Morning Live and multi-award winning founder of the UK’s first black doctor-owned cosmeceutical brand, ESHO skincare. He is also the founder of CULTSKIN® clinics. Dr Esho is an industry leader in the world of aesthetic medicine. At just 38 years old, he has a cult following (celebrities included) at not only his clinics in London, Newcastle and Dubai, but on his digital platforms attracting a vast client base from over 50 countries worldwide.


The world’s first cosmeceutical lip care range, ESHO, started with a collection of four hero lip products.  The range thus far has had repetitive sell outs, is the fastest ever selling lip product on QVC and has won multiple awards, including the Pure Beauty awards; Woman and Home awards; Get the Gloss beauty awards; Marie Claire Awards; Global Pharma Awards, and James Welsh Beauty awards. The range is expanding in 2022 with two new lip products, new retailers and soon a face and body range will be joining the family.

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