The ESHO. MD Clinic VIP member's programme

Discover the pinnacle of cosmetic exclusivity with ESHO. INSIDER, the highly sought-after VIP membership program at ESHO. MD Clinic.

As an esteemed ESHO. INSIDER, you enter a world where luxury and aesthetics converge, offering an experience that’s as exclusive as it is transformative.

With membership spots in high demand, each member enjoys elite privileges:

– Expect an automatic 10 percent discount on all singular treatments, consisting of injectables, body and skin treatments, with all skin specialists and Doctors, including Dr Esho himself.

– Front-of-the-line access to booking appointments, ensuring preferred dates and times are secured, amplified with the newly-introduced “exclusive hour”.

– Tailor-made care strategies, consisting of exclusive member offers on treatments had in the past, or previously discussed, skincare tips, updates on the latest treatments ensuring your patient journey is as unique as you are.

– A Birthday Gift like no other, expect a complimentary treatment, decided by your skin specialist, ensuring dazzling results to shine on your special day.

– The opportunity to acquire new product launches & an automatic 10 percent discount on all skincare products purchased.

– Share the love once a year, by enabling a friend or family member to avail a service at your 10 percent discounted member rate.

– Gain early access to new equipment and advanced technology the clinic adopts for future, groundbreaking treatments and elite wellness programs, setting you apart in the world of cosmetic luxury.

Plus many more to be confirmed…

ESHO. INSIDER isn’t just a membership; it’s a symbol of prestige and a testament to your commitment to exceptional beauty and wellness. Join the ranks of the privileged few and elevate your clinic experience to extraordinary heights with ESHO. INSIDER!

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Giving you access to earlier appointments, new and exclusive aesthetic services, member only discounts, as well as treatments and events for selected patients only.

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