The younger sibling of the CULTSKIN® Lab, a more-flexible, rolling subscription hosting a range of similar benefits with express treatments available!


CULTSKIN® Lab is a 12 month subscription service which entitles the patient to one advanced skin treatment every month for a year!

CULTSKIN® Lab is the first of its kind ever to be offered within clinics in the UK. Designed with the patient and their skin in mind, having a monthly skin treatment has never been easier!

Having taken on board feedback from our ever-growing and loyal patients, we now bring you a lighter version – The younger sibling of the CULTSKIN® Lab… CULTSKIN® LITE Lab, a more-flexible, rolling subscription hosting a range of similar benefits with express treatments available!

Upon signing up, the patient will set up a direct debit consisting of monthly payments of £150 – which means booking your monthly express facials has never been easier!

Alongside monthly skin treatments, with a minimum term being only 3 months, patients who join CULTSKIN® LITE Lab also receive an exclusive 10% off skin care products and skin booster injectable treatments at CULTSKIN®.

The CULTSKIN® LITE Lab entitles patients to an initial, complimentary Digital Skin Scan, worth £70, ensuring a treatment plan is made to ensure their CULTSKIN® LITE Lab subscription is as effective as it can be, thereafter, a discounted price for additional Digital Skin Scans for continued progress updates are available exclusively for subscribers.


Choose from the following Express treatments, all with our very own CULTSKIN® spin on them:

Express Hydrafacial – Including 3 core steps, all using unique, patented ‘Vortex-Fusion’ technology, suitable for all skin types, leaving the skin de-congested and deeply hydrated. With the initial being a Deep Cleanse/Manual Exfoliation, uncovering a new layer of skin with a combination of manual exfoliation as we lift dead skin cells and soften sebum and impurities with Glucosamine and Lactic Acid. Then, Extraction, Introducing a Salicylic Acid and Willow Bark formulation focusing on clearing congestion even further, whilst natural extracts act to soothe simultaneously. Finally, Hydrate and Protect, The skin is then nourished with intense moisturiser boosters and saturated with antioxidants and peptides to replenish, plump and hydrate the skin to maximise the glow.

pHformula SP Resurfacing Treatment – Providing instant radiance to the skin, the Skin Permeability complex targets two polar mechanisms – penetration and exfoliation. Specifically designed to help `open up ́ the cellular delivery channels for better penetration and aids in activation of the skin’s regeneration response. Perfect to optimise with continued use of the pHformula products for homecare. Each pHformula formulation, offer a unique combination of skin resurfacing actives at maximum strength, as pHformula prides itself on being the first pharma-cosmeceutical line to uniquely combine acids, vitamins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and amino acids, with the enhanced feature of the PH-DVC™ bio-availability delivery complex.

Express ClearLift Laser Facial – Sometimes known as “The Lunchtime Facial”, ClearLift by the Alma Harmony XL Pro device, stimulates your body’s natural collagen, whilst delivering results with no downtime, no pain and no injury to the surface of the skin, with the use of acoustic soundwave energy. This treatment creates controlled dermal wound healing whilst causing no trauma to the epidermal (external) layer of the skin. The wound healing process stimulates growth of new collagen whilst simultaneously, tightening the tissue, ultimately delivering clearer, firmer and plumper skin too! Suitable for ALL skin types, completely painless and involves no downtime!

Express ClearSkin Laser Facial – The first technology to combine a non-ablative laser with contact cooling and vacuum technology to treat acne (or scientifically known, acne vulgaris) safely and effectively, whilst also stimulating collagen renewal, so contributes to reducing the appearance of Acne scarring – win win! The non-ablative, ER glass 1540 laser deeply penetrates the skin causing thermal damage directly to the sebaceous glands, reducing the production of oil and sebum, whilst simultaneously targeting that heat energy to the p.acnes, destroying acne-causing bacteria. While all this is going on, the vacuum within the Harmony XL Pro device cleans the area by extracting all the dirt and debris that is clogging up the pores. To protect the skin from any damage during treatment, contact cooling is added. This makes the treatment comfortable and almost painless. The epidermis remains unaffected, meaning very minimal downtime too.

Express Nano-Needling – A completely pain-free, gentler approach to forcing a healing response by stimulating the skins’ collagen and elastin, similar to that of Micro-Needling, we introduce Nano-Needling with the pHformula Protonpen. An innovative, non-invasive transdermal delivery system combined with active solutions, formulated to activate cellular metabolism, for intensive revitalisation, hydration and rejuvenation, available for all skin types. The device works by mildly penetrating the skins’ epidermis (outer layer) forming thousands of microscopic nano-channels. These nano-channels cause neocollagenesis to commence (the process of collagen and elastin stimulation with wound repair) whilst enabling specially formulated actives and vitamins to be delivered into superficial layers of the skin at a significantly higher absorption rate. By creating these channels, product absorption is increased by 97%!

Benefits Include:

– More Flexibility/Less Commitment, starting from just a 3-month minimum term, we can offer more flexibility for those whose lifestyles prevent them from joining to the full year long subscription
– Quicker treatment duration, because we know how busy lives can get, so a quick 30 minutes is all that will need to be accounted for, for an express treatment.
– Includes the option to upgrade your appointment to a full CULTSKIN® Lab treatment for an additional £150, allowing access to the full CULTSKIN® Lab menu, still at a discounted price compared to the single treatment price.
– Designated days of the week! Thats right, from Sundays through to Wednesdays, CULTSKIN® Lite Lab is available at our clinics, so you’ll be able to plan accordingly.
– 10% off Skin Booster injectable treatments with Dr Esho & ESHO. Associates, including Profhilo®
– Monthly Cancellation Policy, giving you the control when you wish to pause or upgrade!

Meet the other exciting subscriptions in the CULTSKIN® Lab offering! –

Interested in body treatments? We have the CULTSKIN® Body Lab available, for 3, 6 or 12 month periods to choose from. We also offer our patients the chance to join our CULTSKIN® Maintenance Lab  subscription if you have recently been part of the original, OG, CULTSKIN® Lab. Or, benefits for those wanting to sign up as a couple, siblings, roommates… basically anyone who lives together, there’s the CULTSKIN® Duo Lab. AND for all you Hydrafacial lovers, CULTSKIN® x Hydrafacial Subscription. 

For the full CULTSKIN® Lab Menu, including detail on each listed treatment available and more information on any of the CULTSKIN® subscriptions, please contact the team on or 0203 970 4693.

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For more information on any of the CULTSKIN® Clinic subscriptions, please contact the team on or 0203 970 4693.